Naumai haere mai ki Toi Hauāuru, Whaingaroa,
ki te tai e ngunguru i te po, i te ao.

Simon Te Wheoro owns and works from Toi Hauāuru Studio a contemporary visual arts & design business where he uses a variety of mediums to create unique and contemporary designs in the form of paintings, sculptures and Tā Moko.




Simon and his wife are the ultimate friendly, lovely, knowledgeable and highly skilled couple you could find.

Simon’s talented designs Moko, sculptures and painting are available for commissions.

Theo Roodakker

Simon offers a diverse range of art. Each piece is authentic, tailored 100% to your satisfaction, made by an expert with the backing of years of experience and qualifications to go with it. You are met with a very warm and welcoming team which offer excellent customer service.


Jo Haenga

Kia ora whanau, this is the place to go if your looking for a true Tā Moko artist. He definitely truly is gifted and I’m very blown away with my Moko which I have been on journey looking for the right one for sometime and come across Simon on my way to Raglan beach, what a blessing it was!!! You will not be disappointed. Forever grateful.

Darz Keefe